Rangleklods – The Interview


After two albums, uncountable amounts of concerts and astonished fans all over the world: Rangleklods are getting bigger and bigger. The duo from Denmark fuses electronic music with influences from different styles and older times like the 80ies. With „Straitjacket“, released in May 2015, they continued their victory all over Europe and pleased the masses. Now with even more influence from many genres and a different way of collaborating, Esben Nørskov Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen have given their sound a fantastic vibe and mixed heavy beats with dancing melodies. The combined voices of the two artists give the music an unique feeling and edge. I had the pleasure of asking Esben and Pernille a few questions about their music and the live as Rangleklods.

For further reading: Review of Straitjacket, review of the concert in Zurich. (Both in German).


17408sound: After seeing you live a few times it is clear that you love performing. What do you like most about concerts?
Rangleklods: We really forget ourselves and the surrounding world when we play live, just like the audience hopefully does. It’s a cleansing experience and we feel very fortunate to have this playground to express something and share something with the audience. It’s a very sacred situation to us and we never enter a stage with a “just-another-day-at-the-office-feeling” – we tend to make people move and to get moved. 

You tour a lot in Europe. Have you had some memorable moments in the last years?
Oh, so many. To mention some highlights, we’ve played some of the most amazing festivals like South By Southwest, Roskilde, Sziget, Fusion and many more. We’ve witnessed a fist fight in front of the stage at a show in Iceland at Lunga Festival, been pulled out of the mud by a tractor in Luxembourg at a festival called Food For Your Senses and then we had the most epic tour in Romania and Hungary where the audiences were wild as fuck and amazing.

You’ve played a few times in Switzerland. How did you experience the audience? Cliché is, that Swiss concertgoers are more introverted than others.
This is not our impression at all. Our shows have all been really good and people dance and let loose perfectly fine. We’ve been so good taken care of in Switzerland, and it’s one of the countries were on from the very beginning, and we can still se it growing with more fans joining. It feels very much like home to us.   

Who should support you on your tour, or which band would you like to support?
We just had Danish LISS support us for our DK Tour and they were the perfect match with their smooth and extremely well written 80’s funk pop. We’d be absolutely stoked to support an act like Caribou. 

Straitjacket – your second album – is out now. Was it easier to write and produce than the debut?
Yes. Much easier. At leat when we broke the code and just started having fun making songs. It was a long build-up but it actually only took us about 6 months to make which makes it a lot more immediate and spontaneous than Beekeeper. Esben definitely has become an even better producer which of course makes the process both faster and easier. 

How does the writing process take place? Someone comes up with an idea and you work it out together, or completely different?  Is it easy to find the final form of the songs, or is it hard to let go oft e „children“?
Our working process is very diffuse and we like it that way. It’s an intertwined process where composing, producing, mixing and writing lyrics happen simultaneously. But it’s very clear to us when we’ve found the right shape of a song and when it’s done. It’s a gut feeling, we guess. 

After writing two albums, what dream do you have as a group?
Example: Collaborate with other artists / write music to a movie / else.
Our main goal is to tour the world and make a third album. But it would be very exiting to start working on other projects as well. Especially collaborations with other artist could be cool. 

What was your first band „crush“?
Esben: Sigur Ros
Pernille: Nirvana

Do you listen to a lot of electronic music, or is your taste as versatile as your own sound?
We listen to electronic music but also to everything else. Our taste is very broad and rooted in so many different genres. As little as we consider ourselves a genre band as little are we genre listeners. 

Do you read magazines / blogs about your and other music?
We read the things like Drowned in Sound, Line of Best Fit, Soundvenue and NBHAP

What do you like about your home country Denmark?
It’s welfare system allowing people from all parts of society to get education and  medical care for free. It’s on of the most equal societies in the world.  

Last but not least, what does Rangleklods stand for?
A playful yet thoughtful approach to making music.

Thank your for your time.

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