Paris XY – Atmospheric thick

Paris XY do not originate from France but produce their music in England, Leeds to be precice. The young duo of Alice Smith and James Orvis generate worlds built of sound in tradition of acts like Trentemøller or The Knife. They know how to enclose the listner in a fog of music, an ability that sets them apart from other acts in the genre of electronic music. The musicians are new in the business and have released their EP002 in winter 2013 and there are also more songs to download on Bandcamp. Their newest song „The Return“ is a briliant mixture of dry beats, gloomy atmosphere and the strong lyrical text from Alice. A few minutes the track simmers beneath the surface only to break out and explode in the end. Fits late hours in a dark club or the drive home in a foggy and rainy night. The disturbing video strengthens the song even more.

Older songs like „Panic Attack“ combine the electronic aspects with live drums and guitars and end in a rave in the likes of Faithless. It always amazes how well the rather deep and atypical female voice fits the music, something that is all too rare in the field of electro. „The Vigil“ has a more calm sound for the moments after the dance party in your living room.
Here’s a short interview with the band.

How did you two meet and how started the band?
We met when we were looking for a new direction with our music, as individuals. We liked exactly the same kind of music, and were looking to make something completely new. We are now 2 years old!
Paris XY, where does this name come from? Since you’re from Leeds shouldn’t it be LeedsXY?
Leeds is not the most exciting of city names, Alice speaks french… the XY comes from the chromosomes of the boy-girl duo.
How is living in Leeds? Is the region supportive to musicians?
Leeds is really good for music, but not so much the genre we’re into. As a whole though, music and the scene in Leeds is amazing for live music as well as club nights, we have big high name listings every week!
Your music reminds me of other artists like Trentemoller. Are you inspired by acts like these?
Yes we love artists that incorporate electronic sounds and experimental noise combined with traditional songwriting and arrangements. Bands like Trentmoller, Darkside, Massive Attack, Moderat, Gus Gus, the Knife, Royksopp we take great inspiration from at the moment.
In these days bands depend on live gigs. Are you often on tour?
That’s very true, selling your music is not as lucrative as it used to be, the way of getting your music out there now is constant gigging. We gig a lot round the North of England, but we are coming to Germany and Holland in July, then back to Europe with the album next year.
Ond bandcamp you have songs to buy via download. Are you planning on releasing a whole album?
Yes, we’re only releasing a couple of singles this summer. Our debut album will be coming out early 2015. You can purchase the EP CDs already off the website, for the summer tour and the album we will be releasing vinyls as well.
What is your goal or dream, would you like to live from your music or is it just a hobby?
We would like to live off our music, it would be nice to not work our day jobs. We want to be constantly gigging, travelling and touring, there are too many album ideas for us to stop at a hobby!
Finaly, how do you write new songs, does it start on the computer or with a guitar melody? And do you have your own studio?
Alice writes songs and melody ideas on piano or cello, James writes riffs on guitar and conjures up beats or bass lines or finds synths that he wants to use, we have loads of ideas all the time, then we get together and see what we like, we get inspired when we hear the other’s work, so tracks are made in any order, no real formula! We haven’t got our own studio yet, Jim has all his equipment of course, but we’re hopefully building a recording studio into our house soon!
Thank you for the conversation.

See Paris XY live:
Friday 06.06.14 / Beat Bar Leeds / DAM presents… Alpines + Paris XY + PXY DJ Set
Saturday 21.06.14 / Solstice Weekender (Secret Forest Festival, RSVP Only)
Thursday 24.07.14 / Klein Berlijn, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Saturday 26.07.14 / Chemnitz, Germany / MS-Beat Festival
Saturday 02.08.14 / Magnapop, Krefeld, Germany
For more dates check the website.

Paris XY stammen mitnichten aus Frankreich, sondern lassen ihre Musik in England, genauer gesagt Leeds entstehen. Das junge Duo bestehend aus James Orvis und Alice Smith produziert Klangwelten im Umfeld von Künstler wie Trentemøller oder The Knife. Dabei verstehen sie es in den Songs Welten aufzubauen und den Hörer wie mit einem Nebel aus Klang zum umschliessen. Eine Fähigkeit die sie von so manchem Act im Electronica-Bereich abhebt. Das Duo ist frisch im Geschäft und hat im Winter die EP002 veröffentlicht, ansonsten gibt es die Songs auf Bandcamp als download. Der neuste Song „The Return“ ist eine fulminante Mischung aus trockenen Beats, düsterer Stimmung und dem lyrisch starken Text von Alice. Lange brodelt der Track unter der Oberfläche, einzelne Basstöne versuche die Oberfläche zur durchbrechen bis es mehr und mehr ausbricht. Passend für späte Stunden im dunklen Club, oder die Heimfahrt in einer vernebelten und regnerischen Nacht. Das verstörende Video stärkt den Song noch mehr.

Ältere Songs wie „Panic Attack“ verbinden die elektronische Aspekte mit Live-Drums um dann wie damals bei Faithless zu einem Rave auszubrechen. Dabei fällt immer wieder auf wie gut die eher tiefe und untypische Frauenstimme super zur Musik passt. So etwas gibt es im Electronica-Gebiet viel zu selten. Mit „The Vigil“ lässt es sich dann auch noch gemütlich im Wohnzimmer die eben erlebte Tanzparty verdauen.

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